The Hub

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Modern, fully self-contained office building to provide approximately 22,700 sq ft of Grade A office accommodation


Building Specification

  • Structure
    GROUND FLOOR - Reinforced concrete slab
    FIRST FLOOR - Reinforced concrete frame with and precast concrete plank floors
    ROOF PLANT AREA - Reinforced concrete beam and block floor slabs
    ROOF - Timber framed roof spanning onto steel perimeter beams
    CLADDING - A combination of engineering brick and red stock brick
  • Floor loads
    GROUND FLOOR - 4.0 kN/m² (3.0 kN/m² + 1.0 kN/m² allowance for partitions)
    FIRST FLOOR - 3.5 kN/m² (2.5 kN/m² + 1.0 kN/m² allowance for partitions)
    PLANT ROOMS - 7.5 kN/m²
  • Floors and ceilings
    High quality anodised aluminium framed double glazed windows and curtain walling systems to all fa├žades.
    Ground floor ceiling - Coffered ceilings with dry lined framing and accessible infill providing additional height & uplight luminaire feature.
    First floor ceiling - Fully accessible 600 square modular ceiling within plasterboard margins to perimeter.

Office Dimensions

  • Finished floor to ceiling heights
    GROUND FLOOR - 2,700-3,000mm
    FIRST FLOOR - 2,600mm


  • FIRE ESCAPE - 1/6m²
  • TOILET ACCOMMODATION - split superloo cubicle 1/8m²

Vertical Transportation

  • New 8-person Part M compliant passenger Monospace type lift

Mechanical Services

  • Office fresh air - full heat recovery system 12 l/s/p @ 8m²/person
  • VRF air-conditioning at 150w/m²
  • Zoning and controls to BCO recommendations
  • Split toilet accommodation extract at 10ac/hr

Electrical Services

  • Main distribution boards with check meters serving tenancies
  • Underfloor Electrak plug in power distribution system


  • Fully recessed flat panel modular LED luminaires with PIR control
  • Illumination levels compliant with the CIBSE Code for Interior Lighting
  • Emergency lighting to BS 5266


  • Video door intercom system with remote front door release
  • Key fob door access system to the main entrance and internal tenancy spaces


  • EPC B Rated with 45 estimated level

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